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Autologous Reconstruction

Breast repair surgery performed with only the patient’s own tissue is called autologous reconstruction. The patient’s own tissue to be used for breast repair is mainly taken from the abdomen, back, inner leg and buttocks.

The most commonly used methods in autologous reconstruction are TRAM flaps and DIEP flaps from the abdomen, latissimus dorsi flaps from the back, TUG flaps from the thigh, gluteal flaps from the buttocks, and Ruben flaps from the lateral lumbar region.

Types of Autologous Reconstruction of the Breast

  1. Made from abdominal tissue
  2. The one made from the buttock area
  3. It’s made of dorsal tissue
  4. Made from the inner leg area

Breast Reconstruction with Abdominal Tissue

These are flap surgeries performed by preserving the original blood vessels in those who have enough tissue to form a breast.

In patients with less abdominal tissue, breast implants can also be applied. Requires microsurgery.

Breast Reconstruction from the Hip Area

In women who do not want scars on the abdominal tissue or who do not have enough tissue, fat and skin tissue on a part of the hip muscle is used for breast reconstruction. Requires microsurgery.

Breast Reconstruction with Back Tissue

It gives good results when used with breast implants. Microsurgery is not required. Circulation is quite good.