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Risk Reducing Surgery

The aim of risk-reducing surgery is to reduce the risk of breast cancer in patients at high risk of developing cancer by removing breast tissue before cancer develops.

Today, the development of genetic diagnostic methods, the complete understanding of the familial transmission of breast cancer, and the discovery of genetic chromosome disorders that lead to breast cancer allow us to calculate the probability of breast cancer in patients to a great extent.

Risk-reducing mastectomy was developed because of this need. Women who are candidates for risk-reducing mastectomy should first undergo detailed genetic testing for all possible chromosomal disorders. All possible outcomes should then be discussed with the candidate for risk-reducing mastectomy and all question marks should be clarified.

Risk-reducing mastectomy, bilateral subcutaneous mastectomy followed by reconstruction with an implant can provide the person with the opportunity to both get rid of breast cancer and to continue life with more aesthetic breasts as a secondary gain.