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Pain in the Breast (Mastodynia)

Most of the applications to physicians with complaints of pain in the breast are physiologic (due to hormonal changes before menopause).

Do not worry too much when you complain of pain in the breast, but always consult your specialist.

Basic information you need to know about breast pain:

– Breast cancer, the most feared disease of the breast, is often an insidious disease. Symptoms such as pain, soreness, tightness in the breast are not seen in most cases. Breast cancer often does not cause aches and pains.

– The most common cause of pain and soreness in the breast is hormonal changes. Hormonal fluctuations before menstrual periods or during seasonal changes can cause pain, soreness and tension in the breast.

– In women with prominent breast fibrocystic structure, the pain felt at times of hormonal increase is more severe than in other women.