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Non-Surgical Fibroadenoma Treatment

Freezing Breast Tumors Cryoablation Technique

Breast tumors are one of the most common tumor types in our age. The increasing prevalence of the disease has accelerated the development of treatment methods for it.

Today, there are different treatment methods for fibroadenoma tumors, which are often laborious for the patient, reduce the quality of life, temporarily remove them from their daily routine and working life, and can be quite exhausting both psychologically and physiologically.

However, with the latest treatment technique, a conservative treatment approach is adopted, providing great advantages for the patient and eliminating the risk of malignant tumors.

At the point where today’s modern medical technologies have reached, we can use a brand new method that first aims to shorten the patient’s process of getting rid of the tumor and then facilitates the recovery by making it comfortable.

With this treatment technique, the damage, physical or psychological damage that can be caused by fibroadenoma or any breast tumor that carries a risk of malignancy in the short, medium or long term is prevented before it is too late and almost stops time for the tumor.

This state-of-the-art treatment, based on cryoablation, freezes the tumor and neutralizes it, eliminating any future ill effects at an early stage.

This method not only offers early treatment, but also allows the patient to easily put aside the long-term concerns and worries that have formed in their minds. In these days when 1 out of every 8 women face malignant breast tumors, treatment with the cryoablation technique prevents the possibility of a process that may cause intense stress that the patient and her relatives may experience in the coming years.

Why do we recommend cryoablation technique in breast tumor treatment?

The advantages of freezing a breast tumor with cryoablation can greatly reduce or even eliminate any potential negative effects both before and after any treatment process. Because a breast tumor that appears benign in the first place may have the effects of a malignant tumor in the future, but the cryoablation freezing technique easily eliminates these possibilities.

Important Advantages of Cryoablation Treatment

In the long term, fibroadenoma tumors may require treatment methods that can affect and deform the shape and form of the breast. Thanks to this method, we are able to freeze the tumor and prevent the tumor from growing and turning malignant at an early stage.

With this treatment, which is performed with a simple injection technique, the tumor is intervened directly. There is no damage to the breast.

It is performed with a technique in which the pain level does not go beyond that of a simple injection. Thanks to this feature, it is a technique that fits perfectly with the understanding of treatment that prioritizes the patient’s healing comfort.

By eliminating the risk of the breast needing a different “large-scale” treatment in the future, it is ensured that the breast is treated early without any deformity. Breast tumor freezing treatment with cryoablation can be preferred with this feature.

The scar that this comfortable treatment will leave on the breast is maximum 3mm in size and it is very difficult to see with the naked eye.

This method, developed in the USA, is an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved, globally recognized and safe treatment.

Tumor freezing treatment with cryoablation is completed in a short time under office conditions without the need for hospitalization or waiting for discharge. Within 2 hours, the patient can return to his/her daily routine.

The cryoablation method freezes the breast tumor and prevents it from turning into a malignant tumor, even if there is a small possibility. It aims to safeguard women’s breast health.