Personal Information

Born in 1976 in Ankara, married with two children, Dr. Cem YILMAZ completed his primary education at Ankara Çankaya Halide Edip Adıvar Primary School and his secondary education at Ankara Yükseliş College with a success scholarship.


Ankara Numune Hospital 2nd General Surgery Clinic

Breast-Endocrine Specialization - 2000, Ankara/Turkey

Ankara University Faculty of Medicine

Doctor of Medicine Education - 1994, Ankara/Turkey

Medical Interests


Dr. Cem Yılmaz Clinic

General Surgery Specialist - Istanbul/Turkey

Atakoy Hospital

General Surgery Specialist - Istanbul/Turkey

European Academy of Breast Science - European Academy of Senology

General Surgery Specialist - Düsseldorf/Germany

Mardin Nusaybin State Hospital

General Surgery Specialist - Mardin/Turkey

Bursa Military Hospital

General Surgery Specialist - Bursa/Turkey

Rize Ardeşen State Hospital

General Surgery Specialist - Rize/Turkey

National Studies

Breast Master Class

Founding Member - 2011, Istanbul/Turkey


Founding Member - 2011, Istanbul/Turkey

Founder - 2011, Istanbul/Turkey

Breast School

Founder - 2011, Istanbul/Turkey

SENA Project

Founder - 2010, Istanbul/Turkey

International Studies

Japanese National Cancer Institute

Learn. Officer - 2017

EAoS - European Academy of Senology

Learn. Officer - Düsseldorf/Germany

National Organizations of which he is a Member

Turkish Surgical Association

SENATURK Breast Sciences Academy

Founders Board Membership

Member of International Organizations

The Society for Melanoma Research

Melanoma Research Alliance

ESSO - European Society of Surgical Oncology

European Society for Oncologic Surgery

EUSOMA - European Society of Mastology

European Association of Breast Disease Specialists

IAES - International Association of Endocrine Surgeons

World Association of Endocrine Surgeons

Breast Surgery International - BSI

World Association of Breast Surgeons

International Society of Surgeons - ISS

World Association of Surgeons


Eurasian Association of Breast Surgeons

EAoS - European Academy of Senology

European Academy of Breast Science


German Development Ministry and Else Kröner Fresenius Foundation

Development Grant Support, 2019