I wish you a good day, we came to you years ago for my wife to be examined for my wife, my wife was suffering from a very rare disease in the Italy hospital, and your facility guided us. It was a disease called pyoderma gastronosm. It was in the Mene region, thanks to the treatment you gave us and the moral motivation and God, we are in a very good situation now, I always felt the need to thank you, God bless you, teacher.

Mehmet E.

I will not say that I am a breast cancer patient of Zerrin İzmirlioğlu, I will say that I was a patient, because my doctor Dr. Cem Yılmaz is a reward professionally, as a human being, and for us, his patients. May you have full success

Zerrin I.

Hospitals have units for psychological support for cancer patients. But we have never felt the need for this with Mr. Cem. Let alone the support, I was almost happy to be sick and meet a person like Mr. Cem, a doctor. He's a very special person. A super person who leaves a mark on the people he touches. A doctor brought into medicine.

Aisha K.

I would like to start by saying "Dear doctor Cem Yılmaz" but Cem Yılmaz was never my doctor and I never got sick. Can there be such a wonderful person? My doctor, my psychologist, my dear brother, my friend, who is not only healing, but who is with us in every subject, who is so knowledgeable and magnificent in his profession that it can never be discussed. There is much more to be said, but the articles are not enough. May God keep you on your way. Bless you. You brought me back to life. Thank you very much.

Mine G.

Of all the doctors I have visited so far, Cem Yılmaz surprised me the most.

Why? Let me put it this way,

Explaining everything that needs to be explained one by one with his sweet language without you asking, not tiring you financially and morally with more examinations than you should have, comforting you with moral and informative advice, close attention even after the examination, strong diagnoses. I had the feeling that if he was my doctor, I'd be fine. I feel lucky to have known him.

Riva Mizrahi A.

My dear doctor, my friend, my brother, who entered my life by a beautiful coincidence, for which I always thank God, my friend, my brother, the beautiful person with a smiling face, a cotton heart, who destroys the usual doctor-patient relationship, who values each patient and makes them feel special. I am always proud of your achievements. I know that you will accomplish many more with your perseverance, love for your profession, idealism, meticulousness, faith, love for people and your big heart. And I will proudly stand by you always and everywhere.

Dilek C.

Dr. Cem Yılmaz is more than a doctor for me, he is my brother and a source of positive energy for my family. He is such a person that he made me love breast cancer as if I had the flu, he instilled the power to fight, he made the right decision about me with his knowledge, he was with me everywhere day and night, my feelings about him do not fit into words, his family, his team is an example of friendship that does not fit into hearts.

Özlem A.

Dear Doctor Cem Yılmaz; The fact that you have always supported me in my cancer treatment and surgeries, that you have always been a psychologist as well as a doctor, the strength, courage and hope you have given to your patients, the fact that you can make us love even the word cancer without scaring us, the fact that you are a family with us, has really increased my quality of life more. Now no one can hurt or upset me like before. Now life and living are more valuable to me because I have a doctor whom I value very much. His name is Cem Yilmaz... 🙂 🙂

Meral K.

On May 7, 2012, I met you, my esteemed doctor, for a breast examination with my sister. You wrote on a tiny pink piece of paper "This is the tumor characteristics, this is your life ticket, keep it. Open it when the pathology report comes out." I opened it, and it came back as if you did the pathology. You said don't be afraid, you will succeed, you will overcome, it will be a 6-month process, don't panic. I haven't forgotten! As a nurse who has been working for 27 years, I admired and respected your professional experience... I had my treatment with the confidence you gave me and my husband with your confident attitude. I am grateful... May God always be with you and help you... May God grant every woman who has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer or who is in the process of being diagnosed with Breast Cancer to meet you in some way...

Lilgün C. Ç.

On the occasion of my mother's illness, we would like to express our endless thanks, gratitude and appreciation to our dear doctor Cem Yılmaz, whose knowledge and skills in the field of Breast Surgery are indisputable, who first filled us with life energy thanks to his smiling face, friendly warmth and positivity from the first moment we met, and then performed the surgery with great care and success and restored her to health.

You are a gift to us, doctor, I am glad you exist, I am glad we got to know you.
May your path be bright.

Nil Ç.